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Experience a new way of living!

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Pay your rent, own your condo

Innsquare is a new way of living in condominiums built upon easy access to homeownership for young urban dwellers.

Not decided yet to buy your apartment ? Can’t get your mortgage because you are freelance, have a fixed-term contract, or have no financial contribution? Innsquare will help you buy your condo for the price of a rent.

Thanks to Innsquare your rents are cumulated during a given period and will be deducted from the purchase price of your condo. It’s a call, it’s simple, interest-free and with no extra fee.

Innsquare challenges traditional codes to provide solutions to meet new ways of living. Come and take part in this project to build the hype!

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    the community
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Experiences to live and share

Innsquare will provide unique way of living inside its condos. And the experience will take place outside just as well.

As a member you will access special benefits and exclusive offers including convenient amenities, personalized privileges, community events and invitations.

Make meaningful relationships, enjoy and share memorable moments with those you love.

That’s what we call the Innsquare Lifestyle.

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Make it as flexible as you want 

We’ll give you more flexibility for your convenience.

Want to enjoy specifics offers? Need an extra room? Or expecting to relocate quickly to another city for a job, temporarily or definitively? Our solutions adapt easily to your necessities.

With Innsquare you will soon experience a new lifestyle based upon community, flexibility and the belief that you can prepare for the future, all at once.

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